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We bulk-bill all patients who hold a valid Medicare card!

At Jupiter Health Byford The Glades, our doctors bulk-bill all patients who hold a valid Medicare card. If a procedure is not covered by Medicare you will be informed prior to your consultation. For all non-Medicare card holders, a list of our consultation fees is provided below:

Monday - Friday
Brief Consultation: $42.70
Standard Consultation: $65.00
Long Consultation: $101.00

Pre-employment Medicals and Driving License Medicals:  These are not covered by Medicare and costs will occur.

Surgery and Dressings: There might be a cost involved for consumables used during these types of procedures.
Please ask the doctor or nurse prior to any procedure if any out of pocket expenses will be incurred.

Due to the high demand for bulk billing appointments and the high number of non-attendances and cancellations for GP appointments, we will charge a fee of $40 per single consultation or for double consult a fee of $80 for any appointment that is not attended or not cancelled within 4 hours of the appointment time.

If this account is not paid, a letter of suspension of services and the outstanding account will be issued. This letter will see your access to all services suspended until accounts are paid. There may also be the possibility of permanent suspension from the practice at the doctor’s discretion for repeat offenders.

We have many wasted appointments every day and by introducing this policy we hope patients will consider cancelling their appointments so that others may access them if required.

If you have any concerns please speak with our reception staff.

Welcome to Jupiter Health Byford The Glades, you can find us at 155 Mead Street, Byford WA 6122
(opposite the new Byford IGA, Lakeside Plaza)
We are open Monday - Friday from 7am - 6pm
Saturday 9am - 5pm and Sunday Closed

Tel: (08) 95264100    Fax: (08) 95264199

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